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Heated and Covered in Butter

by Marlene Buffa
A Boulangerie is a bakery which sells breads and rolls. A pâtisserie is a French bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets.

My friend Ann and I walk two miles to the nearby gourmet grocery store. Contained within the store, resides a most decadent Boulangerie. The bakery also sells pastries and sweets, making it […] Read the full article…

Fear of Music

David Stubbs
Fear of Music
Why People Get Rothko But Don’t Get Stockhausen
First published by O Books, 2009
144 pages/ $19.95 US
Review by Kate Russell

Read the full article…

The Akashic Experience: Science and the Cosmic Memory Field

The Akashic Experience: Science and the Cosmic Memory Field
By Ervin Laszlo
Inner Traditions (February 12, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1594772983
288 pages
Review by Zareen Khan
This book is about an idea whose time comes again and again throughout human history. An attempt at a new interpretation of a concept literally as old as the very skies themselves, the concept of Akashic […] Read the full article…

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs
Jean Logan, Ph.D.
Holy Ground Farm, Inc.
203 pp, $24.95
Review by Marianne Hooker
According to the author, Jean Logan, Webster’s Dictionary defines a glyph as a “symbol that conveys information nonverbally.” This book is a compilation of glyphs that the author felt led to design to help heal the world. Each glyph represents a […] Read the full article…

MANDALA The Art of Creating Future

MANDALA The Art of Creating Future
June-Elleni Laine
O Books, 2009
105 pp, $19.95
This book presents the art of mandala for use as a tool for creating the conscious future of your choice. The author defines the mandala as a container for essence, a prayer, a way to bring the unconscious to the light. She […] Read the full article…

Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations

Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy
By John L. Turner
Career Press
ISBN: 978-1601630605
256 pages
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” – a clichéd but inescapable fact. And a truth to which “Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations” also bears eloquent testimony.
With well over twenty fascinating […] Read the full article…

What GOD Really Wants You to Know

What GOD Really Wants You to Know: God’s Universal Truths Shared by All World Religions
C. David Lundberg
Heavenlight Press, 2009
361 pp, $19.95
Religion and spirituality are frequent subjects of conversation and controversy. More people are killed in the name of God than anything else. Many are passionate about their beliefs, and avow that theirs is the only […] Read the full article…

The Quantum Conspiracy

The Quantum Conspiracy A Novel of Possibilities
Chuck and Karen Robison
O Books, 2008
230 pp, $24.95
This book is an unusual interweave of science fiction and truth, foretelling a leap in the consciousness of man driven by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The idea presented is that the ones that will lead us to our better, more evolved […] Read the full article…

Soul Seeds: Revelations & Drawings

Soul Seeds: Revelations & Drawings
By Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
Foreword by Laura Archera Huxley
Cross-Cultural Communications, 2008
Softbound, illustrated, 92 pages, $11.95.
Nominated for the 2008 Pushcart Prize
I’ve been an avid admirer of Carolyn Mary Kleefeld’s writing and artwork ever since I found Lovers in Evolution in a bookstore twenty-five years ago. I was amazed to discover such penetrating spiritual […] Read the full article…

Do You Like to Write Reviews? (We need a reviewer.)

[We have now found two new reviewers. Thank you to all who expressed an interest. -Robert]
New Age Journal is looking for a reviewer. Although it would primarily involve reading and reviewing books, there may also be DVDs, audio recordings, music, Tarot card decks… Well, the entire realm of published information of interest to our readers […] Read the full article…

Teachings from Disciple Thomas Bridge Eastern and Western Religious Traditions

The Eastern Path to Heaven: A Guide to Happiness from the Teachings of Jesus in Tibet contains quotes by Jesus taken directly from the ancient Greek scriptures and brief historical summaries showing how the teachings of Jesus entered India with Thomas, traveling along the routes pioneered by Alexander the Great, and then reached Tibet. The […] Read the full article…

Daughters of India: Art and Identity

Daughters of India: Art and Identity
Stephen P. Huyler
Abbeville Press Publishers, 2008
263 pp., $65.00
One in every six women in the world lives in India. It is a testament to the strength of their spirit that they rise against patriarchal institutions to express themselves so uniquely, as shown in Stephen P. Huyler’s Daughters of India: Art and […] Read the full article…

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