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The Women’s Book of Empowerment

by Charlene M. Proctor, PhD
The Women’s Book of Empowerment is a book of affirmations for problems and challenges that women, in particular, face. Within its pages, affirmations are given for balance between work and family; to help the reader become stronger in the face of adversity; and even a whole section on corporate stress […] Read the full article…

Exploring the Northern Tradition

by Galina Krasskova
When Galina Krasskova decided to become Heathen in 1996, she found that “warm and fuzzy” were not typical words to describe this community of about 40,000 that adhere to the modern reconstruction of the ancient religion of the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. Her book, […] Read the full article…

The Book of Goddesses and The Mythic Art of Kris Waldherr

by Diane Saarinen
Late in October, I learned that there would be a Goddess art exhibit opening that would be held on October 28 at the New York Open Center with artist Kris Waldherr. I immediately made plans to attend, particularly after reading the following from the artist’s statement: “I believe that the […] Read the full article…

On Finding Myself Middle Aged With No Role Model I Could Relate To Because I Am Not A Crone

by Donna Henes

Although I have been passionately devoted to the Many Splendored Goddess in her complex multiplicity for more than thirty years now, I am not a believer in the Triple Goddess paradigm. It has never resonated with me because it belies what I believe to be the true nature of nature. The Triple Goddess […] Read the full article…

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