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Lammas Blessings of Bread

by Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman
The summer cross-quarter day was celebrated
by the Saxons as Hlaf Mass, *Feast of Bread,*
and by the Celts as Lughnasadh, *Commemoration
of Lugh.* Lugh was the grain god, son of Mother
Earth. Every August he was sacrificed with the
reaping of the corn only to be born again in the new
shoots of spring exactly […] Read the full article…

A Question of Numbers

Ask Your Mama, the What, When, Where, Why, How, and Who of Ceremony & Spirituality
by Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

Dear Mama Donna,
I have always felt drawn to the full moon and would like to have some kind of ritual in its honor. The problem is that I don’t know anybody else in my town […] Read the full article…

It’s not easy being a witch

Telling People You Are A Witch (How To Deal With Intolerance)
by Rose Ariadne
Whatever path you choose in witchcraft will be padded with challenges (like in everything). One of these challenges may happen early on – people are going to ask questions about your beliefs, and it’s important to know how to “put it” without turning […] Read the full article…

Did Santa originate from shamanic magic mushrooms?

Christmas – Discover Little Known Secrets of Christmas Related to An Amazing Ancient World!
by Bernadette Dimitrov
Discover the ancient world relationship to Christmas through magic mushrooms, the Pole Star and the World Tree! There is research that suggests that many of our modern-day Christmas symbols and icons are actually derived from the Shamanistic traditions of the […] Read the full article…

Signs of the Old Gods: The Winter Solstice

by Simon Mitchell
Once again the Earth turns around the sun and we come to the shortest day, conspiratorially hidden right next to Christmas – on Dec 21st. The Longest Night is an opportunity to make ‘Deamon Fire’ – find out how. In pre-Christian times the solstice was an important time when the sun miraculously […] Read the full article…

Samhain – Halloween, Hallow’en & All Hallows Eve

by Donna Oxley

When Halloween comes around the streets are alive with the activity of trick or treaters. children and adults alike parade around in ghoulish dress. Pumpkins glow and witches cackle!
But what is the origin of these spooky festivities? Why do we dress up as ghouls, skeletons, tortured victims, headless lords, […] Read the full article…

Sending you blessings on the full harvest moon

The Full Harvest Moon
By Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman*
Today is the Full Harvest Moon. Let us take a
moment to align ourselves with that lunar
energy and contemplate the harvest of our lives.
What have we learned? How have we grown?
What seeds have we sown and nurtured? What
are the rewards of our labors? What bounty have
we collected? What […] Read the full article…

What Is Animism?

by White Cranes
Animism is the belief that all things are spirit and that all spirits are part of the oneness. There is no separateness, no hierarchy. All spirits are equal, because all spirits are part of the One.
Animism lacks the duality of later belief systems: good/bad, negative/positive, and so on. In animism, values are thought […] Read the full article…

Exploring the Northern Tradition

by Galina Krasskova
When Galina Krasskova decided to become Heathen in 1996, she found that “warm and fuzzy” were not typical words to describe this community of about 40,000 that adhere to the modern reconstruction of the ancient religion of the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. Her book, […] Read the full article…

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