Lisa Garr literally fell down a mountain and nearly lost her life. It was one of the best things that ever happened to her.

She was an ambitious, young athletic woman in the most competitive race of her career — it was the last two miles of the California State Woman’s Mountain Bike championship competition. The three hour race was grueling, mostly uphill. Due to the sweltering 104 degree heat, her body became severely dehydrated.

She had just reached the top of the mountain, was two short miles from the finish, about to take over the lead, when the unthinkable happened. She blacked out at top speed, and careened over the side of the mountain, her body tumbling head over heels, her head hitting the rocks so hard and so often her helmet cracked in 13 places.

She remembers being flat on her back staring up at the crisp blue mountain sky. She’s looking down from a vantage point at her passed out body lying on the ground. She could hear and feel the urgent words of the Emergency Medical Technicians.

But she felt euphoric – totally at peace floating in the most peaceful place she has ever known.

Somehow she realizes that if she didn’t get back into her body soon, she’d remain in this all too comfortable place.

She watches as a man runs up and the EMT says, “Are you Jon? She’s been asking for you.” And she sees a silver chord of light attach from his body to hers connecting the two of them. And she realized that she needed to let him know she was okay.

And she opens her eyes…

In “Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life” Lisa Garr tells the story of how she immersed herself in the ordeal of recovery.

She realized that she had damaged the part of her brain responsible for language. When panic set in, Jon was her voice. She started to rebuild her brain using a cutting edge type of EEG technology that sends signals to the damaged areas of her brain, trying to get them to respond to positive images. She came to understand deeply that there is a real scientific basis to the fact that our thoughts create our own reality and that it is possible to heal from within.

She also came to recognize that healing is an ongoing process and that it is necessary and beneficial to get a tune-up that freshens and revives one’s awareness and commitment to one’s own healing process.

Drawing upon the wisdom and personal experiences she went through, she skillfully takes the mystery out of the many lessons to be learned from her experience.

She describes how to use your will to create what you want on multiple levels and harness energy and use your own maximum wattage to get where you want to go in life, even when life forces you to go through several U turns. She explains how to get back on track even when the road beneath you seems to have crumbled.

She offers important and helpful guidance designed to bring lasting, transformative and soul-searching change, in ways that stir the soul.

Here are just some of her valuable insights:

What is Awareism:

Everything happens for a reason. It is what it is. We are not our bodies. We are pure expanded consciousness.

Where There is a Will There is Definitely a Way

You create what you want in life on multiple levels. Your thoughts and your actions create your reality. It’s actually quite easy, inspiring and results-driven to live in this way instead of feeling like you’re a victim to what’s going on around you. The truth is that we’re powerful beings who were put here to live very fruitful lives. Quite often what stops us…is us. That’s why I wanted to start this section of the book by cracking the code for you when it comes to living a life with awareness.

Remember these words:

You think about what you want.
You create it in your mind
Then you become it with enthusiasm.
Then you are grateful for it.
It’s just that easy.

Awareness plus action are the perfect combination for living the life that you want to live.

Remembering Your Future is the Key to Awareness

You don’t need a near death experience to see what is ahead of you. You can actually sit down in any quiet space and create memories in the future. Neuroscience studies show that when the brain travels into a visualization into the future that you can actually work towards getting exactly what you want because you are forming new neural pathways and neural bundles of the images you want to achieve as if they are already happening.

Remember that your brain is an intense organ in terms of your emotions and that you have five senses to help you experience life. When it comes to seeing into your future, you must use all five of those senses. Ask yourself:

*What does your future look like?
*What does your future feel like?
*What does your future smell like?
*What does your future taste like?
*What does your future sound like?”

Turn up all five senses and hear the sounds and taste the tastes. Feel the thoughts and turn it up again as you mentally enhance your positive future. In doing so, you are creating neural networks that will make those memories in the future. You are bridging the gap between the mainstream and spirituality while neural chemicals are actually being released including dopamine and serotonin that will also allow you to stay in a happy mood and in a good state.

You will break up old neurons and create new ones. Let’s face it, most of us could use a few new neurons!

Reframe Yourself Instead Of Thinking That You’re A Fraud

The reason why it’s so important to reframe unfortunate situations, is that you must stop yourself from obsessing. Why? Obsessing over what’s unfair or wrong or bad about your life just takes your time and energy away from making your life better. Your inner criticism lurks because perhaps you don’t reframe situations as they arise in your life. All you’re doing is pouring all that negative energy into your space. In the end, you need to be true to yourself, know your strengths, and reframe situations where you deal with the exact problem at hand and learn from it.
Improve your awareness by doing the following:

Don’t project your life issues onto your life stumbles.
Do not allow other people’s negative energy into your space. If it doesn’t register as authentic then reframe and look for the lesson here where you can celebrate yourself.
Feel proud of yourself when you’ve defeated life’s dragons and taken something or someone’s negative energy on and then triumphed over it. Also celebrate when you’re just smart enough to get out of the way of negativity.
Ask yourself why you have attracted any negativity into your life and work on getting rid of that issue. You might ask why you have attracted someone negative into your life. Remember that the brighter you are then darkness might try to attach to you to squash your brightness. Work on attracting more light and ridding your life of negative people whenever possible.
Know that bad things happen, but your relationships with bad events, shock and criticism is what really matters. Of course, you’re not immune from these things, but what matters is how you deal with them when they happen.
Celebrate when you reframe a bad situation and get rid of bad energy. That’s a victory worth repeating in your mind again and again.

I came back from my accident realizing how important the brain is in our personal development, especially when you combine cutting-edge brain transforming techniques with spiritual lessons.
My purpose is to inspire growth and change.
– Lisa Garr