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Earth Shift 2012

by Patrick J. Harbula

According to many ancient prophesies, we are in a crucial time in history, a time of the great earth shift. The most ancient spiritual writings, the Hindu scriptures, state that we are moving from Kali Yuga (Iron or Dark Age), characterized by the decline of righteousness, into the Sat or Kirta (Golden Age), characterized by the rebirth of righteousness. Theosophical studies that explore the roots of all wisdom traditions state that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment and spiritual service. The Judeo Christian “End of Days” or Revelations says the world is coming to an end and many believe that “the end is near.”

The famous Mayan Calendar end date is December 21, 2012. Many believe this means the end of the world. But scholars familiar with the Mayan culture know it means a new beginning (just as many metaphysical biblical scholars also interpret the end of days not as a cataclysm, but as a transformation). The Mayan’s didn’t indicate specifically what would come after the Winter Solstice 2012. But it is clear that it is a higher turning of the wheel.

On this date, according to Mesoamerican lore, Quetzalcoatl, the mythological feathered serpent or creator god-one who crawls on the Earth and flies in the sky, symbolizing the integration of spirit and matter, Father Sky and Mother Earth-will return. The alignment created on this date occurs every 5,125 years, but it is part an even rarer alignment that occurs every 25,625 years. This alignment is between the sun-First Father Sun, or One Hunahpu-and the center of Mixcoatl, our Milky Way galaxy. This center is known as the door to all creation or the womb of all. One Hunahpu or First Father Sun, is reborn when it aligns with the womb of all, and with him, each and every one of us has the opportunity to be reborn as well.

All of the prophecies point to challenging times leading up to the great shift, especially in the 10 years preceding: Earth changes, including tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and economic instability (sound familiar?)…most of which we have seen a plethora of in recent years. As I often say in the ceremonial sweat lodge, the birthing time is near and our planet is going through labor pains. The contractions are getting closer and more intense. But soon, we will be through the birthing process and see the light of day. Not only can we be reborn, but we can also be a midwife to the birthing process by supporting the mother of our galaxy and our Mother Earth as the hour grows near.

One of the recommendations from many tribal traditions is to re-energize the power spots of the planet with sacred ceremony. The power spots or sacred sites are likened to the acupressure points of the planet. Performing the ancient rituals is like offering an acupuncture treatment to our mother.

All of the sacred alignments (solstice, equinox and full moons) leading up to the 2012 date are crucial opportunities to direct the incoming higher frequency energies. Back in 1987, when I was publishing Meditation magazine, we published the first feature article interviewing Jose Arguelles, an expert in Mayan cosmology, about the “Harmonic Convergence,” which was a precursor and preparatory alignment for Solstice 2012.

That issue of the magazine sold out in 5 days and hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of photocopies were created and sent throughout the world. This was of course before everyone was on the internet. As a result, millions of people turned out on August 17 and 18, 1987, at various sacred sites around the world and performed sacred ceremonies.

It was predicted before the global gathering that as a result of the alignment and the participation around the world, tremendous shifts would occur. Old oppressive institutions would crumble and an age of peace and love would be ushered in. Here are the significant events that occurred in the several years following the Harmonic Convergence:

* November 27-28 1989: More than five hundred thousand stand in the streets of Czechoslovakia protesting Communist rule, which eventually leads to a free Czech state.
* February 7, 1990, to December 1991: The Soviet Union dissolution occurs.
* February11, 1990: Nelson Mandela is freed, which leads to the end of apartheid in 1993.
* November 9, 1991: Citizens are allowed to cross the Berlin Wall, which marks the beginning of its dismantling.

For those old enough to remember the late 80s as the Cold War was winding down, the U.S. didn’t know what to do with its military arsenal, because there was no one to use it on, and for the first time in several decades, military spending decreased. I remember a headline in the Los Angeles Times: “Peace Breaks Out Around the World.” Of course, with a wartime-based economy and a culture of violence as a means to resolution, it didn’t take long to establish new enemies and endless wars.

The Harmonic Convergence, in my opinion, was not a one-time event proposed to change the world forever as it may have been presented to be. It was an indication, a signal, a demonstration of the power that we have when we come together in united intention. Our current crises/opportunities are crying for us to unite again. . .and again. . .and again. Let us not make the Harmonic Convergence (or the nearing 2012 end date) be a one-time event, but rather let’s join together and revive the ancient ceremonial traditions at the times of the full moons and the solstices and equinoxes on an ongoing basis. Let’s use that same grassroots means that created the Harmonic Convergence to send out the call for regular gatherings at sacred sites and in our own homes and local gathering spots (thus creating additional new sacred sites-like the minor acupressure points).

Acupressure points are power spots because they are intersections of lines of energy in the etheric (energy) body of individuals and the planet. The more people who come together and meditate, pray and perform sacred conscious ceremony, the more lines of energy there are intersecting during such gatherings. People come from their own homes-which can also be sacred gathering places-and create a line of energy connecting their sacred home spot to the sacred gathering spot, causing intersecting lines of energy from each gatherer and creating myriads of geometrical configurations of energy sources. We can visualize this energy grid surrounding the globe as we gather in sacred circles at any time, but especially during full moons and solstices.

Summer Solstice 2009 is one opportunity to join the transformation and sacred rebirthing process at Mount Shasta (considered one of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet) for the Earth Shift Summer Solstice 2009 retreat. It will include ceremonial sweat lodge with Elders White Water Dancer and Mayan Panther; Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker, a spiritual visionary, best-selling author and metaphysical TV ministry icon, who will lead us in ceremonial ritual and galvanize the earth shift within us; Sri Raniji, one of the most enlightened teachers in the world who will offer the Deeksha Heart to Heart blessing as an initiation into a higher consciousness of oneness; and world-renowned keyboard and tabla player, Anton Mizerak along with Canadian singer Kim Lorene leading us in chants, drumming and other interactive and creative ceremony.

Those of us who were born at this time in history and who can envision a world of peace, joy and freedom, are being called to participate in the rebirthing of the sacred. Let’s join in our daily activities and our group interactions to usher in a new age of love, light and spiritual freedom. I look forward to joining with you physically and/or through the energetic grid of which we are all a part.

Patrick J. Harbula is a life coach, author of The Magic of the Soul and director of the Living Purpose Institute in California. For more information on the Earth Shift Mount Shasta Solstice Retreat (including lots of fun photos and testimonials), visit www.livingpurposeinstitute.com/earthshift.htm or call, toll-free, 866-204-2261. You can also call this same number for a complimentary life-coaching session to “Live Your Passion.”

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