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Edgar Cayce’s ESP; Who He Was, What He Said and How It Came True

Edgar Cayce’s ESP; Who He Was, What He Said and How It Came True
By Kevin j. Todeschi
Tarcher/Penguin 201 pages $13.95

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was perhaps the best known American psychic. He became renowned for his amazing ability to answer questions while in a self induced hypnotic state. Over the course of his lifetime he answered questions on thousands of topics including health, astrology, reincarnation and even the lost island of Atlantis. Over his lifetime, Cayce gave hundreds of personal readings.

Numerous books have been written on the life and works of Edgar Cayce by Todeschi captures the character of the man better than any other. The book opens with an account of Cayce’s life, his wish to have a quiet existence with his wife and child, follow his faith and his passion for photography. Despite Cayce’s desire for a simple life, following a reading of his own health while under hypnosis, the man gradually became drawn on increasingly for his accurate diagnostic skills. As years went by Cayce expanded his field of reading to cover just about any other subject possible.

Todeschi explores the themes of Cayce’s readings and explains their underlying theories which not only add depths to the answers he gave to thousands of questions but also gives sharp insight to the man himself. Todeschi reveals Cayce’s deep faith, his gentle personality and most of all, his compassion and commitment to the people who needed his help.

Subsequent chapters explore Cayce’s uncanny ability to accurately predict future events in a down to earth manner, which portrays Cayce and his style of clairvoyance, pre-cognition and retro-cognition much more accurately than those who would sensationalize his talents. The book is a fascinating study of a man who was not only ahead of his time, but who continues to inspire and enlighten people worldwide today.

Kevin j. Todeschi is the CEO and executive director of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the educational organization founded by Edgar Cayce and one of the most popular growth centers in America, attracting thousands of visitors to its Virginia Beach campus each year. He oversees activities of the A.R.E. worldwide.

Review by Corinna Underwood

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