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MANDALA The Art of Creating Future

MANDALA The Art of Creating Future
June-Elleni Laine
O Books, 2009
105 pp, $19.95

This book presents the art of mandala for use as a tool for creating the conscious future of your choice. The author defines the mandala as a container for essence, a prayer, a way to bring the unconscious to the light. She believes that it is a sacred art that brings balance to both hemispheres of the brain.

A delightful, easy read, with descriptions of different phases, qualities, and types of mandalas, uses, and step by step instructions for your left brain on how to get it out of its own way and let the right brain guide you, the book provides everything you need to know about this ancient art. The four phases of the mandala are intention, creation, completion, and then interaction with the completed mandala. The five qualities are the giver or teacher, the intention, the location, the timing, and the receiver or student. The physical forms are visual, sound, consumable, aromatic, tactile, and multi-sensory mandalas. Some common examples are the smiley face, chants, a carefully prepared meal cooked with love, the aroma of freshly baked bread, the teddy bear, and crystals.

The five types of mandalas the author uses and describes in her book are self-enquiry, clearing, healing, manifestation, and life line or future self. Each mandala has its own purpose and set of directions. Laine gives a list of materials and suggestions for optimal creation of the mandalas.

I have been struggling for years with the idea of writing my autobiography and have moved through layers of conscious and unconscious resistance to the project. I was drawn to the manifestation mandala and designed a mandala devoted to the creation of my book “Psycho, Psychotherapist, Psychic.” Stay tuned for news of my success!

Marianne J. Hooker, L.C.S.W. is a licensed certified social worker in private practice in Arkansas. In addition to writing, she does counseling, retreats and clairvoyant readings. She is co-owner with her husband of Bedrock Retreat and Spa. To learn more, visit her website at www.higherselffoundation.com.

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