Talking to Heaven has just been brought closer to home. After thirty-five years of talking to the dead on television, radio, and through live demonstrations, New York Times bestselling author, psychic medium and spiritual teacher James Van Praagh is making dreams come true for his students and fans. In May of 2015, Van Praagh launched The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, an online academy where students can tap into their psychic, intuitive, healing and mediumistic abilities, and be personally guided and mentored by the popular medium.

Van Praagh explains, “Tuning into our natural intuition and connecting with the Spirit world is not limited to “well-known” mediums and psychics, it is an aspect of everyone’s soul and with proper guidance each one of us can open up to our personal potential and connect with our soul-self.”

The inspiration for the school began with a course entitled Soul Discovery. It was popular with fans of James’ spiritual philosophy, and they wanted more. Creating a school where people could become certified as psychics and mediums seemed to be a natural progression. “I think when people can stay at home and work at their own pace, it eliminates stress and they are able to allow themselves time to fully develop.”

After the success of Soul Discovery, James created the JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification Course . This is the very first certification course he has ever offered. Designed for students who want to become psychics – either professionally or to enhance their personal life and relationships – the 8-week, on-demand course consists of over 50 different videos, google hang outs with James, assignments, exercises and even field trips!

“My hope is that the JVP School of Mystical Arts will give every participant not only a place where they feel safe to open up their sensitive side, but also a spiritual community where they are able to grow and share insights and develop together.” said James.

More information becoming a certified Psychic Intuitive by the JVP School of Mystical Arts is available at

James Van Praagh is the author of Talking to Heaven: A Medium’s Message of Life After Death, Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side and Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions.