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Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Dawn of a New Age

by Stewart Bitkoff

Listen friends, love is like the sun.
The heart without love is nothing but a piece of stone.
– Kabakli

Over the last few weeks, I have watched with interest the growing effect of the occupy Wall Street protests and movement. On one level, these protesters are merely voicing the unrest that is building in America and across the world; for indeed this voice of protest is now growing into a worldwide movement. The average person is weary of having their future taken away from them by greedy government, politicians, religious leaders and masters of business.

In this consumption of the people’s birth right, it is the young that are most vulnerable, have the energy, and strength that is required to correct the imbalance. (See The Star Child posting http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=uspa&c=words&id=11362 for a beautiful fable concerning other elements to this corrective.) This imbalance was fueled by personal greed; people taking from others in the name of capitalism, religion, or power and strength; all these personal philosophies merely a justification for an act of aggression against another.

Be aware that these protests are just the beginning. Look at history. Revolutions were started when one group of people stood their ground and refused to accept the taking by those in power.

Over recent years, count the failures of government, bankers, and masters of business to protect and be concerned about the people. In America alone, consider these failures: the mortgage and housing crisis, failure to prevent the Gulf Coast oil spill, Katrina clean-up and prevention, bankruptcy of local government & failure to assure pension, social security, and reasonable health costs. Clearly, someone was not minding the store, because they had their mind on making personal fortunes. To date, how many of these takers have gone to jail or had their personal fortunes turned back to the people; in many cases, it was the people’s money that was taken.

You ask what future has been robbed from the young. Surely, they still have the opportunity to care for themselves and those they love. I respond what of the balance of the eco-system, what of the growing health hazards due to pollution and over industrialization, what of the melting polar ice-caps, what of the taking of taxes from people’s wages and no longer providing services. Our systems have grown corrupt and the change to correct this imbalance is in its early stages.

That is the message of the occupy Wall Street protesters, and is the natural order of things. Perhaps, one day again, the wisdom of the heart and the Higher Call will greet the morning sun; and the protests of the young will be heard.

When you came into this world of created beings, a ladder was set before you, so that you might pass out of it. At first you were inanimate, then you became a plant; afterward you were changed into an animal. At last you became human, possessed of knowledge, intelligence, and faith. Next, you will become an angel. Then you will have finished with this world, and your place will be in the heavens. Be changed also from the station of an angel. Pass into the mighty deep, so that the one drop, which is yourself may become a sea.
– Rumi

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To contact author go to: www.stewartbitkoff.com or e-mail: [email protected].

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