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Our Pets as Oneness

By MyShell Howler, RScP, OAC

After many years working with Animals, especially Pets, I arrive in St George, Utah at the Unity Church to do a ceremony called Animal Companions as Oneness & Animals Blessing that is a part of AHOWAN’s Ministry. (Now AHOWAN stands for Awakening Humanity to Oneness With All Nature and is a 501c3 NPO). Just before the closing Spiritual Mind Treatment (an affirmative prayer) and a Blessing for the Animal Companions, a lady and her golden retriever arrive late. She shares that she just saw this in the paper and that I must bless her retriever because this is her third one with severe bladder stones. She does not want to lose this Golden too. I share that I would be happy to bless him; however, I would like to share with her what is going on first, and ask her if she is willing to listen.

I ask the participants that based on what we shared, what they felt was happening. The class suggested, based on what we learned, that what her Dogs were experiencing was related to her consciousness. We look up bladder stones in Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body and the lady begins crying because she realizes that it is her “undissolved” anger with her husband that has contributed to the illness’ of her companions. As we move her past the initial guilt, we all move into deep gratitude of how much of a blessing all Animals really are to us all. When we say, “Man’s Best Friend” it truly has a much deeper meaning than one can realize until they begin to capture this heart connection of our Oneness with the Animals. This is just one of the examples of deep healing aha’s that I have witnessed around the USA and India over the last 5 years.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” states the Bible, and later tells us that all the animals, including human, are made in the image and likeness of God. According to Gary Kowalski, in The Souls of Animals, “The word ‘animal’ comes from a Latin root that means ‘soul’. To ancient thinkers, soul was the mysterious force that gave life and breath to the myriad of the earth’s creatures.” Science of Mind, Buddhism, Taoism, Native American, along with many other traditions, teaches that there is only One Life, One Spirit, or One Presence that makes out of Itself everything that is, even science has now proven that there is only One Energy when we break any and all atoms down.

That means, all the animals we see around us, are Spirit made out of Itself. This includes humans, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ants, flies, and even mosquitoes. We are all Spirit, the mysterious force or energy that gives life and breathes through and as the Earth’s creatures. Spirit being in, through and as human makes us a Creative Spirit that “speaks the Word” and creates. Hence, we are creative beings, which means the animals around man are going to reflect the thoughts that the man is thinking. These thoughts, desires, and beliefs human is placing into the Law, whether consciously or unconsciously, are being reflected through the animals. Knowing and understanding that all of our surroundings are a reflection of what we think and desire in our hearts, mean that the animals around us are a mirror into what we believe.

Regardless of the breed, or even the species, humans with pets have certain beliefs, or “Words,” that will create different behaviors and/or health manifestations in their companion animals. If one truly wants to know what one believes, then observing their pets by taking an objective view of the behaviors, and health of the animals will provide a really good starting place. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind affirms “Animals are purely subjective, or almost entirely so. They have very little objectivity or choice.” They reflect only Truth. Looking at our pets can bring us to a deeper understanding of what we truly believe and hold in our deeper unconscious – which, of course, is the “Word” we are placing into the Law.

Now in alignment with the Law of Attraction, which is where we attract exactly what we think, feel, believe and vibrate at, however it may seem to us and whether we believe it to be good or bad, it is exactly what is in alignment with our energy. Because of this, we will continue to bring to ourselves that which we believe until we no longer believe it to be true.

Fortunately, however, our pets share with us that which we really believe, through their characteristics and health. Animals do not have the capacity to demonstrate falsely or to put on a false face as many humans do, and I find that to be a most wonderful integrity that is a pure quality of Spirit. In his book, Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog, Cesar Millan wrote, “The owner’s own behavior is contributing to the behavior of the dog.” Our dogs respond to our energy, so if we are very nervous, anxious people, then our dogs will reflect back to us our nervous, anxious energy. If we have a calm, serene energy, the dogs will reflect this by mirroring that calm, serene energy. Therefore, if we want to have balanced, happy dogs, we must find within ourselves the balanced, happy Self and allow that to express as our lives. If there is any suppressed energy or belief; whether you are conscious of it or not, it will be mirrored to you through your pets. Therefore, at the same time, all the qualities that we call “Good”; like unconditional love, joyful, playfulness, cuddliness, loyalty, independent, confidant, peaceful are also mirrored to us. Many of the humans that I have shared this with tear with joy as they realize how beautiful they really are through seeing their animal companions.

In Creative Mind Ernest Holmes states, “We must take the responsibility for our own lives. All must awake to the facts that they have absolute control over their lives, and that nothing can happen by chance.” So if all of our life is a reflection of us, it stands to reason that our own pets are included, especially since they are often our closest friends. This means that whatever our pets do, we are fully responsible for. Their actions, behaviors and health are a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and energy.

Science is now finding the connection that the great metaphysical teachers have known intuitively through their hearts. An article on the Live Science website states, “New research, detailed last week in the journal Anthrozoos, finds that people with argumentative personalities are more likely to choose bull terriers and other aggressive dogs than their agreeable counterparts. The finding, along with other research, suggests the dog breeds we choose act as mirrors for ourselves. For instance, research presented in April at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference suggested individual who own dogs (Paris Hilton and Isaac Newton to name a couple) are more likely to be open to new experiences, a trait called openness.” This suggests that we attract and love those that are like us. We unconsciously or, for some of us that are awake, consciously attract those that reflect what we believe.

For example, if one attracts a Dachshund, one is giving off similar energy. Dachshunds are defined as working in packs, being tenacious and keen-nosed in pursuit of their quarry. This implies that the person with a Dachshund is good at working in groups, has a tenacious personality, will not give up when trying to reach their goals, and has a good retentive memory.

Now perhaps this Dachshund displays obsessive compulsive behavior with playing ball. This behavior may reflect the owner’s energy field, perhaps suggesting unbalanced addictive tendencies in the owner. The owner may work too much and not play enough, since the dog is forever trying to get the owner to play and become balanced in life. “Ask now the beasts and they shall teach thee,” we read in the Bible.

On my travels in India, I am at a beach resort on the Bay of Bengal, where I notice there is a man whose only job is to keep the wild dogs away. Stray animals in India are of the norm; be human or non human. I begin asking my Spirit, why is it there is suffering in a culture that seems to be so spiritual. I found myself walking down the beach and come to a pack of wild dogs. Having come from the lunch buffet, I have food with me. I call to the pack leader and toss him some food. He sniffs it and then tosses it to the others and proceeds to move aside. I continue to toss as the pack leader comes closer to me allowing me to pet him. I sit with this pack for an hour as they all take turns with me. This pack shared with me what is missing in their lives; compassion and empathy. In Indian culture, everyone is on their own Spiritual path and one does not interfere in another’s journey. However, this is changing as the Indians, as a whole, are now beginning to embrace that compassion and Love to the other Animals. They are now embracing Animal Ashrams and allowing the Dogs into their homes.

In knowing that all Animals, whether human or non-human, share in our Oneness and mirror exactly what is in our thoughts, beliefs, and desires; and we take a fully honest look at them as a reflection of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to change what we believe and begin allowing ourselves to create the world that we want to see. Take a look at your pets, the animals around you, and be willing to just observe them without judgement and know that, as you “be the change that you wish to see” the Animals will reflect that change. What change would you like to see?

About the author

Myshell Howler RScP, OAC is Co-Founder & President of AHOWAN. Her personal journey & 18 years of animal rescue gives her clear precise Vision and Truth of any situation. As an Awakened Being she has shared and witnessed her Vision & Truth in all 50 states and India over the past three years. Myshell Howler has been working with pets, especially dogs, for over 18 years. Dogs have been her passion whether it has been a pet shop, veterinary clinic, training, or rescue workincluding tracking dogs living in the wild and gaining their trust, rehabilitating, reforming and rehoming them. She published her first book in 2012 “I Crow Speaks” her insights on the Human Animals relationship with all of nature (available Amazon Books). Myshell began her Inward Spiritual Journey aggressively in 2007, becoming a Licensed Practitioner with the Centers of Spiritual Living, an Ordained Animal Chaplain and a Reiki Master/Teacher, A Karuna Reiki Master, A Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver/ Trainer. She is currently an Outreach Religious Science Practitioner for the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Dayton, Ohio.

“You are successful at whatever you choose to think about, I choose to be successful at helping Nature awakens us through the animals.”

Myshell can be reached at [email protected], www.Ahowan.org or at mailing address 9915 West Bell Road #190 Sun City, AZ 85351

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