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Romancing the Tiger – Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

by Jami Lin

For the third time since 1900, Valentine’s Day falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year. This event won’t happen again until after 2030.

This year of the tiger is suggested to be filled with passion and capable of great love. Take advantage of both holidays falling on the same day to attract new people, express love to family and friends or even deepen love with spouses or partners. Even if you are not Chinese, the day can be full of celebration, fun, love, and fresh starts with broken New Years’ resolutions such as losing those few extra pounds.

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are filled with the same intentions.

It’s a time for forgiveness, sharing love and good fortune. Good business is rooted in relationships; bring extra heart and celebration into the office too.

Set the momentum for more love and better relationships all year long with the color red, which is associated with both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Years.

I’ve studied the meaning of colors and their influence on the body and emotions for more than 20 years. I’ve presented color workshops worldwide and taught color classes at Miami-Dade Community College and for many professional associations such as ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). I am an expert on color and personal growth. I have practiced all aspects of design for more than thirty years, including Chinese Feng Shui, and with my new award-winning ColorAlchemy book, I have many motivating ideas that people can use to improve all aspects of their life.

Prepare for new love and fortune with Chinese New Year traditions. Clean your house with the intentions of sweeping away any misfortune, which also makes room for good luck.

Since February 14th is on a Sunday, prepare breakfast in bed for your special love or a romantic brunch. Remember chocolate-covered strawberries and two red roses, one rose for each of you, nestled together in a single vase.

Invite your family over for a special meal featuring red tableware, flowers, and delights such as red-velvet cake. Get the children involved in festive preparation. Make heart-shaped cookies decorated with red icing and red sprinkles. While dining, share sentiments with each other with candied, conversation hearts and Chinese fortune cookies used to decorate the table.

Looking for a new love or to reignite new passions, find a pair of tigers and put one on each nightstand in your bedroom on this marriage of Valentines and Chinese New Year. The pair of tigers will act as guardians, protecting your loving relationship all year long.

Express love by wearing red lingerie or matching, his and hers red T-shirts. Place the red, Chinese double happiness symbol (easily found on the web) under each pillow them. Sprinkle red rose petals on bed and light the red candles for added romance. Surprise your love a special poem written with red ink.

Here’s a Chinese secret if looking for love. With red ink, on red paper, or placed in a red envelop, make a list of all the physical and personality traits desired in a partner. While concentrating on your perfect love, burn the list in a safe place such as a fireplace or ceremonial bowl so that heaven can hear your thoughts and bring your perfect love to you.

About Jami Lin:
In addition to her award-winning book on color, she has published six books on Feng Shui and Interior Design, several which became Book-of-the-Month Club selections. Her websites include: JamiLin.com and Feng-Shui-Interior-Design.com.

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