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Tantric Spirit: Living the Path of the Tantra

Tantric Spirit: Living the Path of the Tantra
By Joan Michaels
ISBN: 978-1-60414-094-1
Fideli Publishing, 2008, 124 pgs, $13.99

Drawing on her years of experience of practicing and teaching Tantra, Joan Michaels has produced a beautifully simple book that explains Tantra, its spiritual, physical and sexual benefits and describes how to practice it. From beginning to end, Michaels fascinates the reader with insightful thoughts on Tantra and how it can bring couples together in a more intimate and meaningful relationship, how it can increase overall sensitivity and awareness and how it can help you and your partner have an exhilarating sex life. Michaels reminds the reader that from the union between Shiva and Shakti the Tantric practitioner has the potential to develop their state of being to a higher level.

The book is a friendly and approachable guide to getting the fullest experience from every one of life’s moments. It is for anyone wishing to explore a pathway that encompasses spirituality and sensuality to expand their daily life experience. From clearing your chakras through shielding, to Tantric ritual, Michaels covers each aspect of the Tantric arts with a refreshing sensitivity that is irresistible.

Joan Michaels first received a message to teach Tantra in the early 1980’s. Since then she has set up and facilitated numerous Tantric workshops throughout California. She has also helped many couples along the Tantric path and ran a self-growth business in the San Francisco Bay area. She currently lives in Ashland, OR.

Review by Corinna Underwood

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