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The Alchemical Woman; A Handbook For Everyday Soulwork

The Alchemical Woman; A Handbook For Everyday Soulwork
By Catherine W. Davidson and Ramona P. Rubio
Cultural Tapestries, Oregon
107 pages, $16.95

The soulwork handbook is written by Catherine Davidson, Ph.D, who is a therapist specializing in depth psychology and life transitions. She has many years experience teaching counseling psychology, and clinical practice. Co-author, Ramona P. Rubio, Ph.D. is a cultural mythologist. She is a life coach and specialized in facilitating women’s healing circles.

The two have used their combined experience to create a workbook based on the ancient symbolism of alchemy, as a guide to help women heal and grow. The book is both emotionally evocative and visually stimulating. Each chapter focuses on one of the five alchemical stages; nigredo, lapis, albedo, citrinitas and rubedo. Each has been translated into a meaningful exercise for women to use throughout their life.

Each chapter is illustrated and begins with a poem geared to direct the mind and spirit to the specific alchemical stage. From then on the reader is given exercises and affirmations to work through each stage and move on the next. Each also contains a personal narrative which illustrates how each stage works on a practical, real life level. There are also a few blank pages at the end of each chapter, where the reader can record personal insights.

This book is an oasis in the all too barren wasteland of self-help books. It will take you on a brilliant journey of inner exploration, helping you to understand yourself in ways you never have before, guiding you in emotional and spiritual growth and showing you many pathways to creative liberation. Go and buy yourself a copy today. Buy copies for your girlfriends too; this is a book you’re not going to want to lend because you’ll want it close at hand every day.

Review by Corinna Underwood

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