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The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Shopping Your Way to Abundance

One of the beautiful paradoxes of our universe is that the more we give, the more we receive. As we bless others, so we are blessed. How many of us recite daily affirmations not only for our own abundance and prosperity, but for the selfish habits of our often greedy society to change and create a new world in which everyone can live in peace and prosperity. Giving, receiving and circulating love, food, friendship and wealth and all of our resources benefits every living being, and as consciousness raises in our society, we are beginning to realize the importance of extending this law not only to our relationships with others, but to all aspects of our daily lives. But who would think that we could find the perfect tool to bless and prosper both ourselves and others in an online shopping mall? However, a new innovation in online shopping is creating the perfect tool to do just that, while you shop in over 1000 well known stores and businesses like Macy’s, Starbucks, Gaaim, NetFlixs, Super Target and Kmart in your own private online mall.My Power Mall (MPM) is a new concept that was five years in the making. It’s founder, Ginny Dye, had a background in multi-level marketing, but says that she became discouraged because only 3 percent of individuals who enter the MLM field succeed. “That means 97 percent fail,” she explained. “I wanted to create a program where people could succeed.”

While the MPM program works on a 9- tiered system, in which individuals with their own malls have others under them, that’s where its similarity to multi-level marketing stops because there are no buy in fees, no products to sell, no meetings to attend. All people involved in the system need to do is shop in their own malls and share the mall with others. Everything is free, except for the shopping of course! As people shop, they earn rebates from 7 percent of the commissions on purchases in their personal mall all the way up to 35 percent of commissions generated by shoppers in malls they’ve gifted to others on their fourth tier. Commissions are smaller in tiers 5 to 9, but as the founder explains, “most people build their businesses up to the fourth level, so we’ve designed this so they receive the most benefit on the first four levels.”

However, this program isn’t all about shopping, it’s also socially conscious. MPM is an affiliate of the “Together We Can Save the World” project which sponsors one day a month to mobilize communities to help with needed projects like cleaning graffitti, planting trees and helping senior citizens with home projects. And 2 percent of corporate profits go to a program called One-Child-At-A-Time in which needy children are gifted with funding for such things as life-saving operations, a seeing-eye dog or other serious needs.

“It’s a win/win situation,” according to Eve-Lyn Forbes, who has her own personal mall. “Everyone benefits.” Forbes believes that the MPM system is great for people who are homebound or ill and are having difficulty entering the workplace. “Think of the possiblities,” she explained, “for those who can’t work for one reason or another.” And indeed the possiblities do seem to be as endless as the variety of people who shop. Consider students, senior citizens struggling to make ends meet on social security, those working two to three jobs to survive, those who are underpaid. And the possiblities for extra income grows as people gift one another the opportunity to prosper just by doing their normal shopping. Those without home computers can readily access MPM on public library systems, so they can easily begin to grow a personal income without the cost of internet service or a new computer.

Patty King, who also has her own mall, sees it as great way to enjoy retirement, earn money and still have time to be with her grandchildren. “What I like about this,” she said, “is that everyone benefits. When you gift someone with their own mall, you are gifting them with the opportunity to make extra income, to be successful.”

MPM isn’t just for individuals, however, it is a great tool for organizations like food banks, churches, and service organizations to help support their projects. The online system provides free training and marketing tools for all of its members including a small library of online books about how the system can be used by non-profit organizations, businesses, churches and schools. Not only can an organization benefit from the shopping of its members, the members themselves can also earn rebates and create their own income. Better still, food banks can support food banks and churches can support churches. Similar organizations no longer need to compete with each other for limited funding resources, but can support each other.

“It’s important for us to begin to develop socially conscious businesses,” said Robin Leake, another MPM mall owner. “We need models that prove that people can support one another without competing and still succeed.” MPM certainly seems to offer that possibility. Perhaps we are now bearing the fruit of all of those affirmations for abundance and prosperity for ourselves and those we love and the world around us.

For more information see www.mypowermall.com/Biz/Home/37943

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