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The Quantum Conspiracy

The Quantum Conspiracy A Novel of Possibilities
Chuck and Karen Robison
O Books, 2008
230 pp, $24.95

This book is an unusual interweave of science fiction and truth, foretelling a leap in the consciousness of man driven by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The idea presented is that the ones that will lead us to our better, more evolved future are already here.

It is 2008 and a team of aliens from the Constellation Sirius come to the United States of America, and other major countries across the world, to avert a catastrophic outcome to a decision that is about to be played out by the government of the United States. The team communicates with each other telepathically to achieve their desired outcome. The story begins with one team member’s account of how the “messengers “or spiritual masters have prepared him for his role.

The book addresses many of the problems our society faces including political, economic, environmental, ethnic, and social issues. Nuclear war and environmental manmade disasters are discussed and new solutions are explored. Wisdom from new age as well as ancient sources including the Hopi Indians, Christian writers and gurus is infused throughout the book.

Today’s highly evolved Indigo and Crystal children with a new DNA structure as well as intelligent life from other planets are introduced as possible saviors.

The story is one scenario that provides a powerful, motivational and believable sense of hope for a positive outcome of the crises we face. It is an entertaining and enlightening book that provides comfort during these stressful times.

Review by Marianne Hooker
Marianne J. Hooker, L.C.S.W. is a licensed certified social worker in private practice in Arkansas. She is co-owner with her husband of Bedrock Retreat and Spa. To learn more, visit her website at www.higherselffoundation.com.

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