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There are NO Accidents

Words like “Coincidence” are a Thing of the Past

by Carole Provenzale

How many times in the last few weeks have you heard the word “coincidence?” Someone will mention that they were just thinking of someone and they happened to call out of the blue-what a coincidence! I don’t personally feel there are any coincidences in our lives. We meet the people we are supposed to meet, get the work we are supposed to get, attract what we are sending out right back into our lives.

One person I was speaking to took great offense at this, and I admit it’s difficult to understand at first. She had recently been in a “fender bender” and was not hurt although she was deeply upset. When I mentioned things like “universe” and the “laws of attraction” she became even more upset. “You mean I did this to MYSELF?” she asked, completely shocked and somewhat annoyed.

I asked her what had been going on in her life prior to the accident. She was extremely busy at work and at home and didn’t have the time to breathe. There was no balance in her life and she was exhausted; getting up each morning was an unpleasant thought to her.

I believe that when we are down, sad, unhappy and thinking of the negative things in our life, subconsciously that is what we attract back. Clearly this lovely lady needed to slow down and if you don’t take that opportunity when you know you should, sure enough something will come along to knock you off your feet and take you out of action for a while. And yes, sometimes that’s an accident. Other times it could be an illness; the universe has a way of forcing us to keep a balance in our lives, whether we want to or not.

I often think of an absolutely lovely client I had in the City. She had led a high powered life, meeting top people in all different fields including the president. I met her several years after a debilitating dis-ease had caused her to become a virtual shut in. She rarely went out anymore and was often times in pain. And she was unable to work, the very work she thrived on and where all her positive energy came from. When she spoke of what she used to do, the fire came back into her voice and you could literally see the energy in her body.

I spent a long time there that day, with not only giving her Feng Shui things to do for her apartment but also trying to instill a different way of looking at things. We explored the possibility of her returning to work on a very limited basis to start, getting back out (even for a walk in the park) and getting back into life—her old life which had brought her tremendous joy and accomplishment.

And she did. She held a sale right in her apartment to part with some of the incredibly heavy furniture that she had that we had discussed and she had decided she could live without. She made a change to her relationship area although she clearly stated she did not want anyone in her life just yet. Apparently, the universe had different plans for her. She met someone soon after and began getting out again, enjoying the world again which gave her confidence to return to work part time. Her follow up emails or calls are a joy to me, she is happier then she has been in many, many years.

They say you leave an “imprint” behind when you pass; your own sort of unique energy, your own legacy. I recall an ex boyfriend saying to me many years ago that his father always told him the best thing he could leave him was his name; and I believe that. It is important to keep that name in good standing with an impeccable reputation. When I stop to wonder what my imprint might be I believe it will come from my children, of course, but also my clients. Who have made the changes in their lives, had wonderful transformations and passed this knowledge on. Just from giving them a different perspective on a way to “see” things, their lives have changed for the better. Feng Shui Eyes and a Feng Shui belief can truly transform your life.

Thankfully, Feng Shui is no longer the passing “fad” people believed it to be. Too many people have experienced the powerful changes that are created and are now, finally, openly speaking of it and using it in their lives. Remember, you meet the people you are supposed to meet, you draw all things and circumstances into your life. Keep your intentions clear and optimistic, see things through a Feng Shui Perspective and watch what happens. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by bringing Feng Shui into your life.

Carole Provenzale
Feng Shui Long Island
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner since 1997
[email protected]

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