Riding a Shining Star

stewart bitkoffSometimes life makes you laugh and just shake your head. Sometimes it just kicks you in the butt or in this case, lower back.

For example, last week when I thought events were going badly with my health – unexpectantly another dimension was added. I was bending over to pick-up a leaf on our property and my lower back went out; doctor said probably slipped a disc. Besides the pain and discomfort involved I simply cannot get around as well as I should. Stacking this problem beside my other medical issues, this one jumped right to the head of the line. Sometimes when you think things cannot possibly get worse, think again . . .

I guess the message in all this for me is to remember: be grateful for what I do have and not spend too much time bemoaning the effects of growing older and chronic illness.

Somehow, even for an instant rise higher- go outside into the sunshine and breath deep the clean air. Call out your own name loud and clear. Remember you are a child of the universe and rise and fall with its many ebbs and flows. Yes, there is a tomorrow and one day you will be riding a shining star across the galaxy.

In that moment, REMEMBER you are much more than your pain and suffering: you are an immortal soul-a child of the universe.

Why Don’t We Remember Past Lives?

The book of your life
Is filled with many blank pages;
You are free to write on them
Whatever you choose.

People do not remember past lives for several different reasons.

Generally, this information is not pertinent to this experience and part of their journey. For some, this information would serve as a distraction and possibly a burden; keeping them from accomplishing what they need to learn this time around.

The present physical body is constructed from many elements and this body is new having no memory of past experience. In some respect, it is like a new car with no mileage on it and no past history- clean without a previous owner/driver.

Conversely, people can and do recall aspects of past lives. This occurs under at least 2 conditions: when they are spiritually advanced enough to absorb this information without causing a major life disruption; or when this information is necessary for advancing learning in this particular experience.

Sometimes memories, feelings or physical illness manifest that link to past experience and these must be absorbed and worked on in this phase. Often these messages ‘slip-out’ from the soul, where they are stored and work their way into consciousness. Usually, the soul is sending us a message to examine this aspect/event so that learning might occur and we move forward.

Karma & Slow Moving Lines

Today, I saw the Law of Karma operating right in front of me. Fortunately, I did not have to wait another lifetime to work my issue.

While paying for medical prescriptions at the local pharmacy, I kept hitting incorrect display prompts on the credit card monitor. This display monitor asks multiple questions and requires signatures at various points. My errors necessitated that I start over several times; rushing and fumbling about I could sense the growing line behind me. Clearly I was slowing-up the works and customers had to wait longer than they expected.

Suddenly, I had a flash back to when I stood in this same line, behind an elderly fellow who was having even more problems than I navigating the credit system. The pharmacy aid was trying to assist but because of poor eyesight progress was very, very slow. At the time, my nerves were shot and I mumbled to myself, ‘I wish he would just get on with it so we all could get our prescriptions and get out of here.’

So today, I was the person slowing-up the works and remembered ‘this old fellow’ was doing the best he could; in situations like this, we all must be a little kinder to each other. Feelings of annoyance, resentment and impatience, while natural waiting in a slow moving line, often do not benefit the person experiencing these feelings and are better off diffused by a silent prayer, switching attention or a kind word inquiring if a person needs assistance.

Grateful to the Universe for helping me work past slow moving lines; yet to be worked on in any useful way is my clumsiness and fear of computers and electronics. Really, I don’t know how many lifetimes it will take for me to get this right?

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