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Tools for Abundance

By Tom T. Moore

There are tools that you can use for having abundance in your life that you might not be aware of. They include: astrology, recording dreams, meditating, requesting Benevolent Outcomes, and expecting great things. Here’s how I’ve utilized them.

When I was 17, I decided I wanted to be worth one million U.S. dollars by the time I was thirty. My Dad didn’t have very much money, and I had to work in a supermarket my last two years in high school just to pay for my first year of college. Even with a small band scholarship I had to live illegally in the dormitory the first year. I earned money in college washing dishes, selling men’s clothes, and as an apprentice electrician. My major was Finance, as I thought that would surely help me achieve my goal.

Besides working, I chose as my extra curricular activities being on the Entertainment Committee, Dance Committee, and The All University Trip Committee. Little did I know those interests would turn into my two major careers.

My first career took off after I returned to Dallas following my Army discharge (which helped pay my college tuition the last two years) in the late 1960’s. I took various jobs—selling insurance, pots and pans, knives and keys, townhouses, and newspaper advertising to pay bills as I started a tour company—a singles snow ski club. This eventually grew to over 1,400 people, but while still in its growth stages I picked up the local newspaper one day and read a story about a local astrologer that was predicting the Dallas Cowboys football team would not go to the Superbowl that year, and he gave 10 reasons or so why they wouldn’t. But he did say they would go the following year. I had never read anything like that, so I tore the page out and put it in a desk drawer.

At the end of the football season I took the page out of my drawer, and he had been correct on approximately 80% of the reasons why they didn’t win enough games for the championship. I didn’t know how he was able to do that, as all I had read were the daily predictions that most newspapers print. So one year in advance, I reserved 300 airline seats from Dallas to Miami, Florida, site of the next Superbowl.

I also started learning more about astrology and started having my ski club parties on days with beneficial aspects. This became my first tool for abundance. The parties were greatly successful, the ski club grew and I had many more people on the ski trips. Then the following January the Dallas Cowboys did go to the Superbowl for the first time, and I was the first tour operator in Dallas to ever run a trip to the Superbowl. I made quite a bit of money—enough to purchase our first duplex—and start a travel agency to handle our many ski trips. The travel agency expanded into Las Vegas and Cayman Island trips, and my company evolved into a wholesale and eventually international wholesale tour company. We ultimately sold the company to a conglomerate in Chicago.

In 1979 I started recording my dreams on a daily basis. After only a couple of weeks I had a vivid dream of an explosion and a woman and some men involved. It was so vivid that my wife and I changed the itinerary of a trip we had planned to Manila for a world conference of travel agents and added extra days to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The first day of the conference terrorists exploded a bomb in the front of the hall where I normally like to sit. They arrested a woman from the Philippine trade office in Los Angeles and four men. After that I’ve recorded my dreams every single morning, keeping a dream journal, flashlight, and a dreamer’s dictionary handy. I’ve had many precognitive dreams since then, many about my business- another tool for abundance.

After selling our tour company, I began licensing films and TV programs internationally. The business grew and I thought that was the only thing I would be doing until retirement. But then I read an article in a magazine where Robert Shapiro channeled that you could request benevolent events to happen in your life; I decided to try it out and it worked PERFECTLY! From small things like requesting a Benevolent Outcome for a parking space to really big things in my business. I would simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome (to or for)…., thank you!” and it was magical what would happen. But I seemed to be the only one out there doing this and it made we wonder why.

Eventually, during a Dick Sutphen seminar in Sedona, Arizona, we were put into an altered state, I contacted a Shaman living in the 1600’s and he told me I had been a Shaman then, and that I had reincarnated in the 20th century to “reintroduce” people to THE GENTLE WAY. This became the title of the book he said I was supposed to write. Was I surprised! But I did write it and found a publisher. And I continued my “active” meditations as I call them where I constantly ask questions about the world and my life—a great tool to use!

The last tool I’ll mention I just discovered recently. Each morning I say, “I’m EXPECTING great things today, great things tomorrow, and great things all this week, thank you!” I’m told in my “active” meditations that this opens the door for your own Guardian Angel to be creative in assisting you. You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll have by saying this each day.

So you have many tools to assist you in this life. You can stay on that dusty, rocky road, or try a different path and explore! Have a great life!

COPYRIGHT 2008 by Tom T. Moore
Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO and speaker, who distributes motion pictures and TV programs internationally. His book, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN # 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology) gives many more suggestions for requesting abundance. Visit his website at www.TheGentleWayBook.com.

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