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Transcendent Dreaming; Stepping Into Our Human Potential

Transcendent Dreaming; Stepping Into Our Human Potential
By Christina Donnell, Ph.D
Winds of Change Books
$12.95, 126 pages

Review by Corinna Underwood

In Transcendent Dreaming, Christina Donnell describes in detail her experiences of an increasing lucidity of her dream experiences to the point where both her dream encounters and their effects begin to manifest during her waking life. The account reveals a door to a deeper and more fine-tuned level of consciousness than we experience on a day to ay level and it provides exciting possibilities for our understanding and experience of being and knowing.

“Each time the luminosity increased, a realm beyond space and time seemed to unfold. As a result, it seemed possible not only to absorb vast amounts of information at once, like through a telepathic sense of “luminous pictures,: but also to exist as a form of pure vibration and reconfigure as energy into another form…”
Each chapter guides the reader through the author’s journey to transcendence, through the ‘Dreaming’- the realm of lucid dreaming which, according to the Donnell, can lead to a level of lucidity that involves an absolute oneness with being. A number of her experiences, such as her ‘materialization,’ in several places at one time, challenge our conventional ideas about the nature of reality and our existence within it. Donnell’s accounts of dreaming illustrate the universal intelligence that interconnects all life forms.

While the book is written with vivid language that conjured inspiring images, the reader is left wondering how to follow in the author’s footsteps. The narrative is disappointingly lacking in instructions or hints of how to make the journey personal. However, Donnell does pique the reader’s interest and invite curiosity to seek out these answers elsewhere.

Christina Donnell Ph.D is a classically trained psychologist who has studies Eastern Traditions and the Shamanic practices of the Peruvian Q’ero Indians for almost two decades. She currently maintains a consultation practice and travels throughout the USA conducting workshops and giving lectures. You can find out more about her at http://www.wocaassoc.com/aboutstaff.php

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