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Unlocking the Power of Glyphs

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs
Jean Logan, Ph.D.
Holy Ground Farm, Inc.
203 pp, $24.95

Review by Marianne Hooker

According to the author, Jean Logan, Webster’s Dictionary defines a glyph as a “symbol that conveys information nonverbally.” This book is a compilation of glyphs that the author felt led to design to help heal the world. Each glyph represents a prayer, energized by Source, to help people and animals. Intention combined with belief unleashes the power of the symbols.

The manual provides thirty glyphs that offer help with everything from ancestral influences to restructuring DNA. There are glyphs for anger, resentment and frustration, and guilt, shame and embarrassment. Included are glyphs designed to rid the body of parasites, cellular repair and bites from insects.

Each chapter describes the use of a glyph, followed by two pages of miniature symbols the reader can cut out, and a suggested affirmation. The book contains an in depth discussion on ways to use the symbols.

Appendices contain charts for recommended use by problem and instructions in dowsing to determine which glyph is most needed. There is also an appendix that covers the locations of the chakras on humans and animals. AcuTapping as a healing modality to release “negative emotions” from the meridians is also discussed. The last appendices cover a disclaimer, suggested readings, and “The Grand Invocation.”

When I dowsed for myself, I found that I needed the glyph for love frequency. As a healer and psychotherapist and mother of two I didn’t have a problem agreeing with that, although the position suggested was not my heart, but the back of my head. I do spend a lot of time in my mind, so maybe that’s why the head was the spot. When I checked for my cocker spaniel that got hit by a car and broke her pelvis, the recommended glyph was detoxification. The description says that regular use can detoxify the physical body and aura and that placing it on aching muscles can relieve pain. The site indicated by dowsing was the sacral chakra, which is close to her broken pelvis.

I have only been working with the glyphs for a couple of days so I can’t testify to their success yet, but intuitively the combination of modalities described here offers an innovative method of healing. I was delighted to see unique alternative ideas combined, some that I routinely use in my practice.

Marianne J. Hooker, L.C.S.W. is a licensed certified social worker living in Arkansas who writes and offers retreats, counseling, and readings. She is co-owner with her husband of Bedrock Retreat and Spa. To learn more, visit her website at www.higherselffoundation.com.

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