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Walking An Ancient Path; Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

Walking An Ancient Path; Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth
By Karen Tate
New Age/Alternative Beliefs
O books 2008
$24.95 – 393ps

Karen Tate, author, lecturer and Sacred Tour guide, has been embracing the feminine consciousness of the Goddess spirit for many years. In this, her latest book, she retraces the roots of the Sacred Feminine as ideology, archetype and heavenly deity. This timeless tour of sacred moments raises the reader’s awareness and renews the relationship to the Goddess within.

Tate’s book is divided into five sections, spirit, earth, fire, water and air. The four elements plus spirit are used as a structure that reflects both the author’s journey through life and our subconscious inner landscapes. Inspired by history, archaeology and mythology, this book retraces the ancient pathways of goddess worship throughout the world. Tate explains the importance of a Goddess focused world and explores the meanings that these ancient sites and rituals can have for everyone today, using a delightful blend of personal revelations, sacred symbolism and historical data.

“Women become empowered when they realize the face of the Divine is also feminine. Recognizing the divine within themselves, they are no longer satisfied being relegated to a rung on the spiritual, cultural and socio-economic ladder below men…. Men become whole as they embrace Goddess and in doing so, embrace the so-called feminine aspects within themselves. Perhaps they discover a new way of being, not just with women, but within the world, as they learn the value of being motivated by cooperation rather than competition, greed and power-over strategies.”

This is a fascinating and enlightening book for both men and women who want to explore the sacred feminine within their own lives and for spiritual travelers who are seeking historical sites devoted to Goddess Spirituality. Tate becomes your guide on a spiritual journey that will help you find traditional and contemporary ways to celebrate the divine.

Karen Tate is the director of Sacred Tour guide services, through which she helps people select their personal sacred pilgrimage. She also hosts an internet radio show every Wednesday. You can find out more information about the show and Karen’s forthcoming events at http://www.karentate.com/

Review by Corinna Underwood

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